The State Breastfeeding Task Force meets quarterly to work on special breastfeeding projects of interest to advocates across Illinois. 

Materials developed by the Illinois State Breastfeeding Task Force are free to breastfeeding advocates. See project pages for PDFs of materials for download and printing.

Hospital Advocacy

  • The Hospital Advocacy project was begun in 2010 and is designed to help moms know their rights and empower them to request breastfeeding friendly and evidence-based practices of their local hospitals.
  • The Hospital Advocacy Project consists of the Breastfeeding Bill of Rights, Hospital Experience - Pleased and Hospital Experience - Disappointed.

Breastfeeding is Smart Business

  • A program established in 1991 to inform Illinois businesses of work-site lactation laws.
  • The program consists of the Breastfeeding is Smart Business brochure describing Illinois laws, recommending work-site lactation rooms and an awards program for businesses with breastfeeding-friendly work-site lactation programs.

Grandmothers Tea

  • Awareness and education program for grandmoters to learn how to support breastfeeding daughters, daughters-in-law, etc.

Faith Based Initiative

  • A faith based initiative designed to promote breastfeeding in the faith community.

Education Pamphlets

  • A series of pamphlets for client education.

Child Care Providers Education Project

  • A collaborative project based on the West Central Task Force's Childcare Project.