Volunteer Opportunities

The Springfield Urban League (SUL) does not have many standing volunteer opportunities. Instead, most are tied to specific and time-bound programs and events. If you are interested in volunteering with the League, we ask that you would check this page frequently to see what new opportunities are available. Please read each request carefully as there may be specific requirements in order to participate.  We thank you for your interest, and look forward to serving with you!

Submit your Volunteer application below or download and print a paper copy of the Volunteer Application Form PDF.

Our Volunteer Mission

The Springfield Urban League vision and mission mobilizes volunteers to expand and enhance services and community impact while providing a satisfying service experience for volunteers with volunteers, the League’s community impact and the depth of service in programs can increase. 

The League’s Volunteer Program seeks to:

  • Provide opportunities for volunteers to actively participate in programs and make meaningful contributions that benefit people.
  • Provide volunteers with a positive and pleasant service experience.
  • Build public awareness of the League.
  • Develop closer ties to the community served.
  • Increase organizational productivity and effectiveness.
  • Add value in increasing capacity.


It is the policy of the Springfield Urban League to screen volunteers to assure the highest quality of service is maintained and ensure the satisfaction, safety and security of clients while engaged in the League services. All operational volunteers will be required to complete a volunteer application form and agree to a background check.

Operational volunteers who are tasked as workshop facilitators, presenters, interpreters, expo greeters, etc. and have no private one-on-one contact with League clients will be screened to ascertain that they are qualified to provide the services for which they are engaged.

Operational Volunteers who will be engaged with clients less than 18 years of age on a one-on-one basis will be screened and undergo mandatory background checks that include a criminal records check. These background checks will be conducted on an annual basis throughout the volunteer’s tenure with the League. All criminal background checks will be conducted by the Human Resources Department.

The Volunteer Application is the first step in the screening process to make sure the applicant is well placed for doing work that meets expectations and that he or she has the skills to meet the minimum requirements needed to perform the duty.    Applicants will provide information on preferred contacts, availability, and other basic information.  A Parental Consent Form is needed for any youth volunteer under the age of 18 years old.  If relevant, references, verification of credentials and specific specialized training will be conducted, and those directly involved with youth are subjected to an annual criminal background record check.

An interview will be conducted with Human Resources, a designee, and/or the department that will be utilizing the services of the volunteer.  The purpose of the interview is to explore if and how the prospective volunteer and the Agency can best work together in a way that works for and benefits them, the organization, and the community.


Every adult volunteer is selected based on ability to meet the requirements of the volunteer position and willingness and availability to participate in orientation and/or training.  An Individual Volunteer Service Agreement & Participant Assumption of Risk and Release will be signed by the volunteer and supervisor to make sure both parties have a clear understanding of volunteer role responsibilities and expected deliverables.

Volunteers will receive an official notification of acceptance or appointment to a volunteer position.  No volunteer shall begin the performance of any position until he or she has been officially accepted for volunteer work and has completed all the necessary screening and paperwork.  At the time of final acceptance, each volunteer will receive a copy of the Springfield Urban League volunteer handbook.

Volunteerism constitutes the entire understanding and agreement of the parties, and should there be prior agreements, understandings, or representations, they must be reviewed by Human Resources and department supervisors prior to the commencement of the volunteer duty.  Potential volunteers will be asked to disclose current relationships with the League to ensure an optimum placement is achieved and that the volunteer benefits from a good experience.

Volunteers may not perform professional services for which certification or licensing is required unless currently certified or licensed to do so.  A copy of such certificate or license must be on file with Human Resources.