Tatyana Gardner

Congratulations to Tatyana Gardner for receiving an elevated position here at the Springfield Urban League! She's our new Director of Health Initiatives!

During her time at the SUL, Tatyana has spearheaded our health initiatives by pioneering new ways to bring additional funding to our programs. She has provided resources for the Central Illinois community through the COVID-19 pandemic, and heightened awareness of other health related issues that our community needs resources for.

You may have also seen her on Sundays providing health information for #SelfCareSunday.

Overall, Tatyana is an instrumental piece to the Springfield Urban League. Continue doing great things and congratulations for earning the director position!

"Success here at the Urban League is making sure we are giving our individuals/clients the self autonomy to decide what is important to them and how they can govern themselves... and then giving them the resources that they need."

Tatyana Gardner | Springfield Urban League's Director of Health Initiatives

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