The Springfield Urban League is thrilled to announce Jamarion Bardwell as the deserving recipient of the inaugural "Springfield Urban League Scholar of the Year" award. Jamarion's journey, characterized by an impressive academic record, multifaceted leadership, and athletic achievements, embodies the spirit of a well-rounded scholar making a positive impact on both his academic and local communities.

Jamarion Bardwell's academic journey is nothing short of remarkable, maintaining an impressive 3.91 GPA while actively participating in various organizations and clubs that showcase his exceptional leadership abilities. As a current member of the Springfield Urban League 21st Century/Project Ready Program, 4H Club, College Admissions Process, National Society of High School Scholars, LYNC, and Junior Frontiers, Jamarion has demonstrated a commitment to both personal and community growth. His previous membership in the Key Club at Sacred Heart Griffin High School further underscores his dedication to service and community engagement.

Jamarion's ability to balance a demanding academic workload with active community involvement is truly commendable. Not only has he excelled in the classroom, but he has also showcased his prowess on the football field and basketball court. Jamarion's achievements in athletics speak to his dedication, discipline, and the ability to excel in diverse areas of his life.

We eagerly anticipate the incredible accomplishments he will continue to achieve. Jamarion's diverse talents, coupled with his commitment to excellence, promise a future marked by continued success and positive contributions to the community.

Jamarion was officially crowned as the Springfield Urban League Scholar of the Year during the Springfield Urban League 97th Anniversary Dinner Celebration (12.01.2023).

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