IBCCP Online Training

To practice in the training environment:

From your Cornerstone computer, log into the Training Center clinic using the assigned User ID and Password.

To access Cornerstone, use the link below:



Instructor Contact (docx)

Training Agenda and Practice Scenarios: please print this document prior to training

Outline and Scenarios

Introduction to Cornerstone Citrix

Link to Citrix Gateway

Link to Identity Management

Link to Cornerstone user Manual and Helpful Instructions

Cornerstone IBCCP Flow Sheets

New Patient (pdf)

Established Patient (pdf)

In-State Transfer (pdf)

Request for Client Transfer (pdf)

Termination (pdf)

RTTA Participant (pdf)

New Participant CNI (Clinically Navigated Insured) (pdf)

BCCP Established Participant CNI (pdf)

BCCP New Participant High Deductible (pdf)

BCCP Established Participant High Deductible (pdf)

Introduction to the Illinois Breast & Cervical Care Program

IBCCP Policy & Procedure Manual

Program Staff Contact List

Quality Assurance Nurse Assignments (pdf)

IBCCP Income Guidelines

Appendix C

Client Participant Agreement & Release of Information Form

Appendix E

Screening Cycle Concepts and Flow Sheet

Concepts (pdf)

Flow Sheet (pdf)

BCCP PA30 Indication for Initial Mammogram Flow Sheet

Flow Sheet (pdf)

BCCP PA30 Indication for Pap Test Flow Sheet

Flow Sheet (pdf)

Provider Use CPT Code

Appendix H

Internal Use CPT Code

Appendix H (pdf)

Cornerstone Result Codes

Appendix G (pdf)

PA30 Result Codes

Appendix G(b) (pdf)

BCCP Eligibility Determination Forms

Appendix E(b) (pdf)

IBCCP Health Assessment Form

Appendix E(c) (pdf)

Screening Summary/Office Visit Form

Appendix E(i) (pdf)

Screening Mammogram Report Form

Appendix E(j) (pdf)

Abnormal Breast Screening Care Plan & Follow-Up Report Form

Appendix E(k)

Abnormal Cervical Screening Care Plan & Follow-Up Report Form

Appendix E(l) (pdf)

Clinical Navigation Insured Barrier Assessment Form

Appendix E(u) (pdf)

CDC Quality Performance Indicators (TBD)

Quality Performance Indicators (pdf)