USDA Breastfeeding Training Level 1 Handouts

Handout 1: Circle of Care for WIC Moms

Handout 2: Emotion Practice

Handout 3: Personal Inventory

Handout 4: Switching Our Language

Handout 5: What If?

Handout 6: Conversation Starters

Handout 7: Practice #2: Open Up

Handout 8: Practice #1: Affirm

Handout 9: Practice #1: Open/Closed?

Handout 10: What's Missing?

Handout 11: WIC Action Journal

Additional material: Is your Clinic Breastfeeding Friendly?

Reference this handout in the Through the Eyes of WIC Moms activity section of the video “Why and How WIC Supports Breastfeeding” in the WIC and Breastfeeding module.