People in urban communities experience disproportionately higher rates of preventable disease. As proven since 2008, the Springfield Urban League has operated a mobile health clinic providing high-quality and comprehensive care – right in communities across the State of Illinois. 

Mobile Health Clinic

This mobile health clinic provides a wide range of services to people ages 18 and older:

  • HIV screening
  • Hepatitis C screening
  • Diabetes screenings
  • Cholesterol screenings
  • Blood pressure screenings
  • COVID-19 Rapid Testing

Participants will receive their results immediately after completing the screening. No additional information is required for the screenings. If a health problem is found, the client is referred to the nearest available health clinic.

To reserve the Wellness on Wheels Mobile Unit for your community health outreach event.

Please Contact our Public Health Program Assistant, Tishauna Edwards at 217-528-0895 ext. 1316.

Fighting HIV/AIDS

The Springfield Urban League works to address HIV-related stigmas and misinformation by encouraging more open conversations around HIV prevention among high-risk LGBTQIA+ men and women. In partnership with the Illinois Department of Public Health and the Illinois Public Health Association, the Springfield Urban League provides FREE confidential HIV test counseling services and preventative health supplies.

*IDPH Center for Minority Health Services, reserves the right to cancel the mobile usage without prior notice due to inclement weather or if priorities change.
Location/Address of Event
Are you partnering with your local public health department?
(The mobile is to be used for screenings that require privacy.)
(The mobile is to be used for screenings that require privacy.)
(organization encouraged to provide screeners/permits and has 7 days to provide information to WOW Coordinator.)
Ample Parking

Size of Mobile-2 bus spaces or 5 car spaces.

Is a parking permit needed?

(Organization’s Responsibility)


(Organization’s Responsibility)-Visible for mobile and attendees?

Contact: Gina Rives: Phone: 217-785-4311; FAX: 217-558-7181.