FoxFire User Group (FFUG)

The FoxFire Report writing component was added to Cornerstone in 2000, and the CHTC began offering FoxFire Training sessions. Due to limited funding, FoxFire could not be supported by IDPH or the Cornerstone Call Center; therefore local users began to contact each other for assistance. The FoxFire User Group was created out of a need, by users to assist each other, in developing more complex reports and resolving problems encountered by local users.

The group met for the first time on April 10, 2000 with representatives from seven agencies throughout the state. The goals at that initial meeting were to establish participation criteria, design meeting format and insure accessibility for all users.

The group has successfully achieved those goals. The participation criteria is completion of CHTC FoxFire Training course. The format followed for each meeting is a group discussion of issues / problems - with the group developing a list of reports on which they would like to work on that day. The group then moves to a computer lab to work through resolving problems and developing new reports. A copy of all reports developed is given to attendees and posted on the Web site.

A FFUG meeting is held four times a year (in conjunction with the Cornerstone User Group Meetings in Springfield - to reduce travel costs for agency staff) and is held on the day following the CSUG meeting. The Springfield meetings are held at the CHTC Training Center in Springfield. A second FFUG was been established earlier this year that meets in Chicago - to again reduce travel costs for agencies. Both FoxFire User Groups are open to attendees from all areas of the state.