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The next webcast is scheduled for June 7, 2022 and is titled "I Don't Have Enough Milk:  Perception versus Reality."

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Date Satellite Teleconferences and Topics
09/06/2022 All Those Breastfeeding Myths:  What Can We Do?
06/07/2022 I Don't Have Enough Milk:  Perception versus Reality
05/03/2022 Those Amazing Human Milk Oligosaccharides!
04/19/2022 Covid-19 Vaccines for Pregnant Persons & Children (webinar)
04/05/2022 Navigating the Day Care Waters:  Assisting Breastfeeding Parents
03/17/2022 Peer Counselor Enrichment
03/01/2022 Baby Wearing; I Can Make Dinner
12/7/2021 Practical Strategies for Managing Human Milk Supply:  Part 1: Preparing Parents to Lay the Foundation for Milk Supply
11/18/2021 Breastside Manner:  A Participant Centered Approach to Lactation Support
2/2/2021 D-MER: What breastfeeding moms might not be telling you
7/7/2020 Primetime: The First Hour
6/2/2020 Why Do Mothers Supplement So Early?
5/5/2020 Canceled
4/7/2020 Canceled
3/3/2020 The Use of Social Media to Support and Promote Breastfeeding
2/4/2020 Breastfeeding and the Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome Infant
1/7/2020 Canceled
12/3/2019 Canceled
11/5/2019 Working with Parents Who Exclusively Pump
10/08/2019 Canceled
09/17/2019 Canceled
08/27/2019 Celebrating Cultural Diversity Among Black Breastfeeding Families
07/09/2019 Skin to Skin Care:  The First Step in Bonding
06/04/2019 Canceled
05/07/2019 Canceled
04/02/2019 Canceled
03/05/2019 Canceled
02/05/2019 Canceled
01/08/2019 Milk Banking in the Prairie and Dairy States
12/04/2018 Through the Microscope: A Closer Look at Human Milk
11/06/2018 Canceled
10/02/2018 Canceled
09/11/2018 Birth Control and Breastfeeding
08/07/2018 Canceled
07/10/2018 Watch Your Words:  The Power of the Spoken Word in Breastfeeding Success
06/05/2018 Canceled
05/01/2018 Canceled
04/03/2018 Canceled
03/06/2018 Canceled
02/06/2018 Successfully Combining Breastfeeding with Work or School
01/02/2018 Canceled
12/05/2017 Canceled
11/07/2017 The Proficient Pumper
10/03/2017 Attachment Parenting for a Foundation for Successful Breastfeeding
09/05/2017 Tools for Supplementing Breastfeeding
06/06/2017 Canceled
05/02/2017 Canceled
04/04/2017 Canceled
03/07/2017 Making It Work:  Supporting Nursing Moms at Work
02/07/2017 Breastfeeding:  It Matters
01/10/2017 Helping Illinois Families Stay Enrolled in WIC:  Getting to Know WIC to 5
12/06/2016 Cornerstone Employee Information & Security Access:  What A Program Coordinator Should Know 
11/1/2016 The Breastfeeding Partner:  How Dads and Other Special People Make A Difference
10/04/2016 Managing Your WIC Peer Counselor Team
09/13/2016 Ramping Up Professional Support for WIC Moms
06/07/2016 Canceled
05/03/2016 Everyone Wins with Summer Meals
04/05/2016 Helping Moms Gain Confidence in their Milk Production
03/01/2016 Preparing Moms for a Baby Friendly Experience
02/02/2016 WIC Income Determination & Certification Form Documentation
01/05/2016 Starting Solids with the Breastfed Baby:  A Common Sense Approach to Complementary Feeding
12/01/2015 Canceled
11/03/2015 Canceled
10/06/2015 The Transfer Process in Illinois WIC
06/02/2015 Baby Behavior:  Learning through Breastfeeding Case Reviews
05/05/2015 Peer Up Illinois! A Snapshot of Effective Peer Counseling Programs
04/07/2015 Canceled
03/03/2015 Supporting Breastfeeding in the Presence of Tongue Tie/Lip Tie
02/03/2015 EBT Readiness in Illinois:  Phase 2 - WIC Benefits Grouping/Base Date Stabilization
01/06/2015 Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome
12/02/2014 Bright Smiles Begin before Birth: Updates on Oral Health for Moms and Babies
11/05/2014 Canceled
10/07/2014 Canceled
09/02/2014 Breastfeeding the Infant with Cleft Lip and Palate
06/03/2014 The IDHS FOID Mental Health Reporting System
05/06/2014 Canceled
04/01/2014 Canceled
03/04/2014 "Overactive Milk Ejection Reflex and Oversupply in Breastfeeding Mothers"
02/04/2014 "Part 1: Enhancing Referrals of High-Risk Pregnant Women & Part 2: Using Caseload Composition Tools and Resources with the Family Case Management Grant"
01/07/2014 "Helping Breastfeeding Professionals Teach Baby Behavior"
12/03/2013 "Celebrating African American Cultural Diversity in Breastfeeding"
11/05/2013 "Enhancing Referrals of High-Risk Pregnant Women:  An Overview of Case Finding Changes" - CANCELED AND RE-SCHEDULED FOR FEBRUARY 4, 2013
10/01/2013 "Cornestone Security Training Review"
09/03/2013 "Working with Mothers to Say YES to Breastfeeding"
06/04/2013 "Laid-back Breastfeeding, Skin-to-Skin, and Baby-led Attachment"
05/07/2013 Canceled
04/02/2013 "Growth, Intake and Feeding Patterns:  What is Normal for the Breastfed Infant?"
03/05/2013 Canceled
02/05/2013 "Oral Motor Skills in Breastfeeding"
01/08/2013 "Tools for Reaching Breastfeeding Exclusivity Goals"
12/04/2012 "The Cornerstone Environment:  a live chat"
11/07/2012 "Food Instrument Accountability: What Every WIC Agency Should Know"
10/02/2012 "Looking at More than Latch: Assessing the Breastfeeding Dyad from Hospital to Home"
06/05/2012 "WHO Grids and Autoplotting: 2012 WIC Risk Factor Changes"
05/01/2012 "Communication Skills: Vital to Breastfeeding Education and Assistance"
04/03/2012 Canceled
03/06/2012 Canceled
02/07/2012 "Supporting Breastfeeding Through the Use of Pumps"
01/03/2012 "Establishing Milk Supply (At Breast or Exclusively Pumping)"
12/06/2011 "Empowering Women to Choose Breastfeeding"
11/01/2011 Canceled
10/04/2011 Canceled
09/06/2011 Canceled