FFRPT0027 - Example of Manually Created Data Item

Foxfire! User Group Meeting, 6/2009

This screen shot shows an example of a data item that was manually created to determine if the individual's age fits in a particular date range. The calculation uses todays date minus the clients birth date, divided by 30 to give provide the person's age in days. This value is then divided by 30 to give the persons age in months. If this value less than 5 or greater than 10, an integer value of 0 (for false) is placed in the data item. Otherwise, (if the value is between 5 and 10, a 1 (for true) is placed in this data item.

This value can now be used to display a group who is within the 5-10 month age range.

Similarly, other data items could be created to evaluate if someone is in a 1-5 month age group, or a 6-12 month age group.

Data Item Editor screenshot